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We have a young Welsh Terrier and a new car-an oddly named Kia Stonic. Our ...

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has done the job, had some big ash logs (easily over half meter diameter) a...

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  • 13hp Stump grinder tree root remover Forest Master
    EAN 0620947941343

    1345.00 (Free UK Shipping)
    13hp Stump grinder tree root remover Forest Master

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    13hp Forest Master Stump Grinder

    The forest master Fm13SG Stump Grinder is compact grinder that can be easily maneuvered into back gardens or other tight spots that bigger machinery can’t access.  The FM13SG is packed with a powerful 13hp LCT engine that drives 12 tungsten blades making grinding stumps a breeze, with a cutting depth of 12 inches it makes sure that the full stump is removed.

    Stump Grinder is Shipped Dry – 4 Stroke engine oil Must be added prior to use

    Using a stump grinder has many benefits for the garden. after cutting down a tree the stump left behind is  unsightly, which could make it harder to sell your home. It can also be quite hazardous for people, especially if the stump can be hard to see or you have young children running around. Larger stumps can often damage lawn mowers when trying to mow around them. Decaying tree stumps often become breeding grounds for insect such as termites, ants, wasps and other unwanted pests, this would then increase the chances that these would make their way to your home.  For these reasons its best to use a stump grinder that can quickly and effectively remove tree stumps and all the issues involved with them.


    •     Engine: LCT Maxx Series 13hp Four Stroke
    •     Brake: Drum Brake
    •     Belt: 2PCS v Belt
    •     Clutch: Centrifugal Clutch
    •     Blades: 12 Blades w Tungsten (4x left, 4x right, 4xmiddle)
    •     Cutting Depth:12inch
    •     Packing Size: 1040*780*580mm
    •     Gross Weight: 130kg
    •     Net weight: 110kgs

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