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Great dog cage bought this for the new style toyota avensis estate 2016 mod...

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Bought this dog cage for my son - he has 2 very lively Cockapoo's. It fitte...

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I called and spoke to a lovely guy, who confirmed which cage would be best ...

Pet World Car Dog Cage Crate - Hyundai IX35

By Carol Shaw on 2018-02-20 15:39:15

Received my dog cage today and very pleased with fits the boot like a...

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  • 5in1 Petrol Brush Cutter Strimmer Pruner Hedge Trimmer 52cc

    £149.95 £124.95 (Free UK Shipping)
    5in1 Petrol Brush Cutter Strimmer Pruner Hedge Trimmer 52cc

    27 Available

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    The Forest Master FM5-1 is a versatile piece of equipment designed with a range of capabilities.


    • Brush Cutter with interchangeable heads - either a rigid Three Point Blade or a flexible Nylon Trimmer
    • Hedge Trimmer with adjustable angle blade
    • Pruner Saw with 30cm chainsaw blade
    • Extra drive shaft section allowing for 70cm/2.1ft greater reach

    The Forest Master 5-in-1 has a number of useful design features allowing for greater flexibility, ease of use and safety. It has our very latest engine, our 2016 model, which is fitted with an Easy Start system which provides a mechanical assist when you use the Pull Start, requiring less physical effort and fewer attempts to turn the engine over.

    The split shaft connectors have a simply depress-and-pull design - just press the recessed spring-braced toggle to release the connector. All the connectors come with a securable safety cover to prevent accidental disconnection during use or transport -all you have to do is lower the cover and turn the screw handle to lock it closed.

    The Forest Master 5-in-1 features a large loop handle which can be secured anywhere along the length of the engine shaft section to match your reach perfectly, allowing for maximum control during use.

    For even more control and comfort the 5-in-1 is mostly build from aluminium, which is far lighter than steel. This means that our shaft is 26mm diameter instead of the 19mm or 22mm typically found in steel shafts, making it lighter and more stable. A further bonus of aluminium construction is aluminium doesn't rust or corrode, reducing the maintenance requirements. Another great feature is the harness, which comes with a hip pad for comfort and a Quick Release for emergencies.

    The 5-in-1 comes with goggles for eye protection, ear protectors, gloves and a six-piece toolkit.



    • Engine type: Newest model Forest Master 2016 2-cycle, vertical single cylinder
    • Bore x Stroke: 44 x 34.6mm
    • Displacement: 52cc
    • Engine Speed at idle: 3000 min-1
    • Engine Speed at max: 7800 min-1
    • Compression ratio: 7:1
    • Fuel/oil ratio: 40:1
    • Fuel tank capacity: 1200cc
    • Ignition: CDI system
    • Spark plug: NGK-BM6A
    • Starting method: Recoil (manual)
    • Cooling System: Forced air
    • Sound pressure level: (LPA) 102dB(A) K=3dB(A)
    • Sound power level (LWA) 111dB(A) K=3dB(A)
    • Vibration level max (idle): -5.11m/s2
    • Vibration level max (running): -9.66m/s2 (K=1.5m/s2)
    • Dry weight (approx): 5.2kg

    Brush Cutter & Edge Trimmer

    • 3 teeth metal blade dimensions: 255 x 25.4 x 1.6mm
    • 3 teeth metal blade cutting diameter: 255mm
    • 3 teeth metal blade max RPM: 7100 min-1
    • 3 teeth metal blade attached weight: 6.9kg (approx.)
    • Nylon thread spool dimensions: 2 threads 2.5m x 2.4mm
    • Nylon thread spool cutting diameter: 410mm
    • Nylon thread spool max RPM: 6600 min-1
    • Nylon thread spool attached weight: 6.2kg (approx.)

    Pole Pruner & Hedge Trimmer

    • Hedge Trimmer blade holder: 39cm
    • Hedge Trimmer cutting length: 35cm
    • Hedge Trimmer blade spacing: 19mm
    • Hedge Trimmer dry weight attached (approx) 8.9kg
    • Pole Pruner Cutting Length: 30cm
    • Pole Pruner Chain: 44 teeth; Gauge 0.050"; pitch3/8"
    • Pole Pruner Chain no load speed: 15m/s
    • Pole Pruner Max cutting diameter: <5mm
    • Pole Pruner Oil tank capacity: 150cc Pole Pruner Dry weight attached (approx.): 8.4kg
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    By Roger Tommey on 2015-12-15 12:25:10

    The Forest Master Multi-Tool is a sturdy work-horse which offers the householder a variety of cutting devices for use in the garden, at a low price. It is not intended for use by professionals, who usually have separate tools for each job because of the demands of their work. The individual parts of the Forest Master are well-made, none are ‘flimsy’, and the work on those that came assembled was of a high standard. I cannot tell the country of manufacture, although the word Japan does appear on one part. The first task was to assemble various parts. I managed to do this with the help of the comprehensive manual, which has a great deal of safety information, bearing in mind the possibility of injury should instructions not be followed properly. The engine is a two-stroke 52cc petrol unit which had plenty of power for all the tasks I undertook. As with all two-stroke engines, it was occasionally difficult to start, but I believe that the more they are used, the more familiar the user becomes with the choke and ‘accelerator’ settings needed for the particular climatic conditions being experienced. On no occasion was I unable to start the engine at all. The stop switch is easy to use and immediately effective. The pruner (chainsaw) can be used either as a direct connection to the engine unit or with an extension, and easily cut through tree branches of 3 inch diameter. The hedge trimmer has a large range of adjustment enabling hedges to be tackled at different angles, including cutting horizontally along a hedge over 10 feet high, leaving a flat top. The blades are quite long, making light work of cutting – certainly compared to my electric trimmer. The brush cutter and edge trimmer are useful devices and man enough for normal garden use. The multi-tool is easy to use, even with the extension in place. Many parts are made of aluminium, keeping the weight down. Included with the tool are safety glasses, ear defenders, harness, gloves and a tool set. As a householder, I found the Forest Master to be perfectly adequate for the purpose, offering excellent value for money. I am happy to award it five stars!

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