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Wheelbarrow Wheel 3.00-8 13x3

By Pam Harrison on 2019-03-21 15:34:51

The wheel is exactly as described and delivery was amazingly quick! Unfortu...

Heavy Duty Portable Welding Table MIG TIG Welding

By Roger Skinner on 2019-03-21 13:58:21

Mig table arrived on time,there were some parts missing I email them and th...

Pet World Mercedes E Class Car Dog Cage Crate Pet Travel

By John Boyce on 2019-02-22 22:25:14

Donít bother no customer service or professionalism...

10 Ton Manual Hydraulic Log Splitter Wood Cutter Axe

By Roger Powley on 2019-02-20 20:56:04

Pump failed within five logs but Arrows replaced immediately.Split pedal ar...

Identifying different types of wood

If you are buying logs ready cut, then you will have to most likely have to recognise the type of wood from it's bark. If you are buying felled trees or large branches then you may also have leaves to use as a guide.


alder bark oldBark of an old Alder
alder bark youngBark of a young Alder
alder leafAlder leaf


ash barkBark of an Ash
ash leafAsh leaf


beech barkBark of a Beech
beech leafBeech leaf


birch barkBark of a Birch
birch leafBirch leaf


elder barkBark of an Elder
elder leafElder leaf


hazel barkBark of a Hazel
hazel leafHazel leaf

Horse Chestnut

chestnut barkBark of a Horse Chestnut
chestnut leafHorse Chestnut leaf


oak barkBark of an Oak
young oak barkBark of a young Oak
oak leafOak leaf


sycamore barkBark of a Sycamore
sycamore leafSycamore leaf


yew barkBark of a Yew
yew leafYew leaf

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