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  • Bulk Log Stand 4 - Saw Horse - Chainsaw
    EAN 0620947940919

    54.95 44.95 (Free UK Shipping)
    Bulk Log Stand 4 - Saw Horse - Chainsaw

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       Bulk Log Stand - Chainsaw Saw Horse



     The Forest Master Bulk Log Stand is capable of safely securing multiple logs for the user to chainsaw. The logs are held in place by 2 chains which prevent them from moving during cutting. The main advantage of this design is that when the user is cutting the logs there is nothing directly below that can be caught by the chainsaw. This greatly reduces the risk of injury to the user and damage to the chainsaw or saw horse. The Bulk Log Stand can fold flat for storage by turning the uprights and the legs. The log stand is manufactured in the UK.



    Please note the base wood is not included. The minimum width and depth of the wood used should be 100 x 100 mm.


     Technical Specification

    • Easily loaded
    • Folds for storage
    • Simply open up to use
    • Holds multiple logs
    • Very simple chain locking device: when lifted up it snags, drops when it becomes loose, meaning safe cutting
    • Supplied with 4 uprights, 2 feet, 2 stop chains and 2 drill bits, please note the wooden base in not included
    • No obstructions to damage the chainsaw blade and give bounce back / kickback, this saw horse is safer than many others on the market
    • The “U support“ log holder sockets into the wood so you can change hole positions by simply drilling another hole into the wood, you can make another base from a log and leave it outside; just pull out the “U support“s and store them until a later date
    • The more “U support“s you buy the longer the wood you can cut
    • Takes up to 250kg in weight
    • Height 1170mm
    • Width 490mm
    • Weight 8.2kg


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    By Charles Lockyer on 2016-09-19 12:19:52

    This log stand is fine for cutting "thinish" logs, i.e. up to about 10cm - great, actually. have to provide the wooden base, which is not a problem, but what is a problem is the flat drills that are supplied to drill the holes in the wood; 25mm and 30mm and they are absolutely useless, manufactured from mild steel is my guess. I managed 1 hole with the 30mm drill and it was finished. So buy this by all means, but make sure you have facilities to drill 25 and 30mm holes.


    By Nigel Charlesworth on 2016-09-07 15:05:34

    An excellent product and at 30 it's very good value for money.. It saves a great deal of time when sawing up smaller branches into logs and is so easy to set up, fill and use.


    By Ray Rampton on 2016-09-07 12:15:46

    What a great idea. My chainsaw is now only running for cutting wood, not sat idling waiting for logs to be moved into place for the next individual cut. Thin logs/thick sticks that aren't worth cutting individually with a chainsaw can now be cut with the chainsaw because I'm cutting masses at a time. My neighbours are happy as the saw isn't running all day. My back is happy as I'm not bending down to pick up/put down saw all day. My wife is happy because I can do masses of sawing in much less time than usual. All for less than the price of the bolts and wood to make an old fashioned saw-horse. I'd recommend this to anyone who needs to saw logs.


    By Martin Eaglen on 2015-12-07 18:24:45

    This a genius design! simple and effective. If like us you have different log requirements for different fireplaces and wood-burners, it's simple to drill additional holes for the uprights and mark them and you get perfectly sized logs every time. Better and safer than my old saw horse in particular when cutting small logs for stoves. We had a problem in that the couriers managed to split the box open and lose the bag containing the nuts and bolts, but a quick phone call had a replacement pack in the mail which we received the next day. Great service thanks guys!

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