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Car Dog Cage Crate Pet Travel Guard Hatchback Estate & 4x4 38XL

By julie beauchamp on 2017-04-26 19:15:34

Excellant crate well worth the money. Super fast delivery. Excellent Compan...

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By Nigel Priestley on 2017-04-25 19:30:25

A nicely designed and constructed machine. An advantage is the low height s...

Car Dog Cage Crate Pet Travel Guard Hatchback - 36"

By John Carroll on 2017-04-25 19:11:07

Cage exactly as described and the 36 inch DOES (just) fit a Rover 200. Good...

Car Dog Cage Crate Pet Travel Guard Hatchback - 34"

By Antony Collins on 2017-04-21 18:25:30

Bought the 34 " cage to fit my 2017 Audi A4 estate fits very well with spa...

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  • Car Dog Crate - Honda FRV - 04-09

    94.95 (Free UK Shipping)
    Car Dog Crate - Honda FRV - 04-09

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    Car Dog Crate - Transport Crate - Honda FRV 04-09

    New cage design with sliding door

    Our unique folding car dog crate is a registered community design and is suitable for the Honda FRV as manufactured from 2004 to  2009. The unique sloped design helps the car dog crate fit within the boot making more efficient use of the boot space and maximising the space in the crate for your dog, something that is not possible with a standard rectangular dog crate.

    A standard dog crate that is not designed for a car has several drawbacks for car use including, the rectangular shape can impede the closure of the hatchback and risk cracking or smashing the rear window, also it wastes space behind the rear seats. The front opening doors fitted to domestic dog crates generally do not open past the lip of the boot.

    Our new unique hatchback car dog crate design takes all the previous problems away and creates a safer, better fitting and more comfortable ride for your pets.

    The major downside to dog guards is that there is a chance that the dog will chew the interior, chew the seat belts (can cost up to £300 to replace) including the rear of the seats, rub its nose all over the glass making it hard to see out when driving and doesn’t contain dirt from those long walks, our car dog crate prevents all of these things.

      • Lightweight and strong gold zinc steel cage, we have found that powder coated cages chip and rust easily
      • Completely folds flat, for storage and transportation also usable inside the home
      • 2 Secure slide bolts on each side of the door
      • Construction allows for proper ventiltation and visibility
      • Puppies often get travel sick and have a tendency to be sick and toilet in your car.  Having a car dog cage stops the mess running all over your boot; the tray can be removed and easy cleaned
      • Removable tray for easy cleaning (Beware of plastic trays, dog chew them!)
      • Free anti slip bedding
      • Open the boot without having to hold your dog back from jumping out
      • The top of the cage is spring loaded, this is to aid in releasing the dog from inside the car in case of a accident (the whole cage is safely collapsible to get the dog out and over the back seat)

    Please check the height of the dog when seated to ensure the cage is the correct size



    95cm wide 68cm heigh 65cm depth at the base

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