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8 Ton Duocut Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter With Wheeled Stand

By William Bailey on 2018-10-24 09:48:29

Excellent service from Arrows, splitter was dispatched same day and arrived...

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Used these for the first time today to halve the length of some logs for my...

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awaiting delivery, ordered recently, may be able to respond once received...

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  • 7 Ton Duocut Electric Log Splitter With Stand
    EAN 0620947942821

    349.95 339.95 (Free UK Shipping)
    7 Ton Duocut Electric Log Splitter With Stand

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    7 ton electric log splitter with Duocut technology - splits like a 14 ton

    The Forest Master heavy duty 7 ton electric log splitter with Duocut capability that is able to split logs up to 430mm in length. The Duocut blade allows it to split logs from both ends and effectively split logs equivalent to a 14 ton machine. The Duocut Blade is a community registered design and enables this log splitter to be twice as effective as similarly rated electric log splitters and ensures that by splitting from both ends, if a knot is encountered at one end it will still split from the other.

    It has a simultaneous button and lever operation so that it cannot be operated one handed, making it compliant with the latest safety regulations. Its coheavy duty stand is also available to raise it to a comfortable working height.

    The log splitter comes fitted with the Ram Stop that can be used to limit the amount of return travel by the blade. If you are splitting a lot of short logs then you can set the return distance to slightly greater than your log length and this will save considerable time.


    • Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz
    • Power: 2200 Watt
    • Maximum force: 7 Ton
    • Optional Duocut blade for double the splitting ability
    • Max Log Length: 430mm with Duocut Blade
    • Max Log Diameter 500mm
    • Net Weight: 54kg (including stand)
    • Certificate: CE approved (click to view certificate)
    • Includes: 7ton log splitter, Duocut blade, Stand and Ram Stop

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    By Saulius Kiskis on 2018-07-27 13:05:20

    has done the job, had some big ash logs (easily over half meter diameter) and they were not touched for few years as too much effort with axe, now they have been split with ease, apart from ones with massive knots, but reduced them considerably. Great machine.


    By tom sloan on 2016-11-30 23:08:35

    The Duocut log splitter is great to operate and very effective. It was a bit of a fiddle assembling the stand as you almost need 2 people, I.e. 1 to lift the bed and mechanism and 1 to position the stand underneath it (I balanced it on a B&D workmates and half man-handled it and hoped I didn't drop it at a crucial time). Anyway operation is flawless and so much easier than an axe! One thing that needs to be addresses is the delivery! The delivery driver was, according to my wife, outrageously obnoxious and downright rude... Driver: "Mrs, are you at home on your own? Oh, typical they always do this. I'm on the van on my own and we're not allowed to lift more than XX kilos and this thing weighs YY kilos." My Wife: "Oh, that's OK...I can help and I'm sure if you back the van up to the garage I'll be able to give you a hand - we can mange between us surely" Driver: "I'not allowed to lift that sort of weight ...I've just told you that!" My Wife: "OK...we seem to have reached an impasse. Just take it back to the depot then" He then stormed off, reversed to the garage at speed and then half through it into the garage....and then roared off down the drive. So, great product ...but bad customer experience received via your chosen delivery firm.


    By Peter Hennen on 2016-11-03 21:39:20

    A great log splitter for a great price,easy to use easy to set up


    By Ron Wallace on 2016-10-12 14:02:30

    I didn't bother erecting the stand but sat on a log feeding the machine from one side and stacking the logs on the other - bit like a gnome I suppose but quite efficient, as was the splitter tho the ash and elm that I was logging seemed to tear, I kept wishing the feeder had further travel to close with the fixed end. However I spent an enjoyable couple of hours piling up a considerable pile, many au more than I'd have done with an axe, no exercise tho, just pressing a button an lever

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