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  • 8 Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Wood Splitter Heavy Duty
    EAN 620947940889

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    8 Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Wood Splitter Heavy Duty

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    Forest Master's FM16D is a heavy duty log splitter capable of splitting logs up to 440mm in length. The FM16 is a much larger and sturdier splitter than most on the market (see image). This model has 2 speeds, the fast option takes only 5 seconds to complete the forward stroke and the second speed option helps to split the larger sizes of logs. The FM16D comes fitted with the Duocut Blade which is a registered community design. This enables it to be twice as effective as similarly rated electric log splitters, making it as effective as a 16 ton log splitter and ensures that by splitting from both ends, if a knot is encountered at one end it will still split from the other.

    The FM16D is also fitted with a Ram Stop allowing the user to shorten the return distance the ram needs to travel when splitting shorter logs, saving time and cost.

    • Fast 2 Speed Splitter, Full Forward Stroke Takes Only 5 Seconds
    • Splits Logs Up To 440mm Long With A Diameter Of Up To 600mm
    • Powerful 2300 watt Motor IP54 Protected
    • Fitted With A Large 40mm Ram
    • Supplied With A 3 Year Warranty

    It has a simultaneous button and lever operation so that it cannot be operated one handed, making it compliant with the latest safety regulations. This heavy duty log splitter has a large 40mm ram unlike other splitters on the market which makes it capable of splitting 99% of all woods green or seasoned and is supplied with a 3 year parts warranty for your peace of mind.



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    By Nigel Priestley on 2017-04-25 19:30:25

    A nicely designed and constructed machine. An advantage is the low height so minimising the lifting of the heavier logs. I also like the fact that it can handle larger diameter logs up to 600mm. I have made extended handle for it so that it is easier to move larger distances down the garden, as it is rather heavy using the handle on the machine.


    By Charles Lockyer on 2016-09-17 11:43:24

    This is a fantastic piece of gear, it far exceeds my expectations. For years, I have had trouble splitting big beech logs, i.e. the trunks from mature beech trees. In the end, I resorted to using a chain saw to cut them up, but this produces fantastic amounts of saw dust. I have always been a bit sceptical about so-called 5 ton log splitters, I regarded them as cheap DIY toys, but I finally decided to give this one a try - and what a machine! So far, I have not found a log that it won't split. I can't fault it, what more can I say?


    By B W Grace on 2016-09-08 00:39:32

    A very capable piece of equipment. Have split really knotty willow with no real issues. An absolute must have if you have a log burner! I unfortunately did not add the stand to the order :-(. Take my advise and go for the deal that includes this. I love using it so much I over split the logs just to see it in action !


    By Alistair Campbell on 2016-01-16 17:55:16

    I have owned a Chinese-off-ebay 7 Ton splitter for a few years now, but it finally blew up before Christmas. In theory 7 ton (or rather, 2300W) seems to be the maximum that is possible off a 13A plug, so I assumed that the splitting capacity of the previous 7 tonner was about the max you could expect before going to something much larger. The problem has always been eucalyptus, which it just wouldn't touch. I saw a comment on a review that this one would split gum-tree with ease which I went with - and glad I did... Talk about chalk and cheese! This model is a completely different proposition to just about any other mains powered splitter I have seen. It's SIGNIFICANTLY heavier duty (and heavier with it!), larger, has a larger piston diameter and the performance is just in a different league. The 'dual cut' heads really do make a difference, and hold the logs much more securely as well. It really is a delight to use. Totally recommended!

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