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  • 7 Ton Electric Log Splitter Twin Blade Ramstop

    £339.95 (Free UK Shipping)
    7 Ton Electric Log Splitter Twin Blade Ramstop

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    7 ton heavy duty electric log splitter timber wood cutter with Duocut blade

    The Forest Master FM10D-7 is a heavy duty 7 ton electric log splitter with Duocut capability that is able to split logs up to 430mm in length. The Duocut blade allows it to split logs from both ends and effectively split logs equivalent to a 10 ton machine. The Duocut Blade is a community registered design and enables this log splitter to be twice as effective as similarly rated electric log splitters and ensures that by splitting from both ends, if a knot is encountered at one end it will still split from the other.

    It has a simultaneous button and lever operation so that it cannot be operated one handed, making it compliant with the latest safety regulations.

    The FM10D-7 comes fitted with the Ram Stop that can be used to limit the amount of return travel by the blade. If you are splitting a lot of short logs then you can set the return distance to slightly greater than your log length and this will save considerable time.




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    By Craig Douglas on 2016-10-28 19:59:14

    I looked at many options before choosing this model, as with any purchase there will always be good and bad reviews but in this case I found more positive than negative which was great, furthermore an autumn discount was offered which clinched the deal. This seems to be a very so far, I've mainly split spruce so far and even large 4-500 mm rounds are split like butter , delivery was excellent even to argyll. I would not hesitate to recommend this splitter also the company for a great service, how this helps cheers folks.


    By Darren Bailey on 2016-10-03 18:14:53

    Great bit of kit, fit for purpose and robust . Have been using for a week and highly recommend it. Delivered in 2 days from order. Minor assembly of handle and front foot but apart from that ready to go . Very happy with my purchase


    By Raymond Crouch on 2016-09-07 21:47:43

    Is better than I expected it to be, it seemed to cope with everything I threw at it. Hard wood was a breeze, it made chopping the logs an absolute breeze. Even managed to cope with very large rounds with ease.


    By Len Moran on 2016-09-07 17:51:33

    This log splitter really is worth its weight in gold - I really wish I had bought one years ago instead of stubbornly spurning such aids in preference to splitting with an axe. I have no experience with other log splitters, so I can't compare with anything other than my axe. I have found that I can split an equal amount compared to the axe but it actually ends up being more because I don't have to take so many rests. Also I used to have to put to one side knotty logs with the axe because they were too much effort, but the log splitter mostly copes with them. There are a few points: 1. The backstop is crucial to maximum throughput and I adjust it for every log size - doing this really does improve the throughput. However the backstop clamp is a bit mickymouse, it seems like an add on rather than being an integral part of the original design. It really could benefit from a re-design in order to make it more robust and easier to use, given from my perspective the crucial importance of this feature. 2. I have found that on well seasoned ash, the log doesn't split as such, rather it just "explodes" in the forward direction at various angles. This shouldn't be a problem other than one being aware of the typical trajectory of the resultant splits - you really wouldn't want the more energetic of these split sections to hit you. 3. I think the optional stand is pretty essential unless you have a suitable bench to put it on. At present I have it on the floor and I find it quite hard on my back. Also I think if you were standing there would be less risk from the "exploding" splits I mention above.

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