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Hi, I'm very pleased with the log splitter, just wanting to know one thing ...

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  • Safe Easy to Use Saw Horse Log Cart Trolley Chainsaw

    199.95 164.95 (Free UK Shipping)
    Safe Easy to Use Saw Horse Log Cart Trolley Chainsaw

    1 Available

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    Quick Fire Saw Horse - Log Saw Horse - Chainsaw

    The Fastest Loading Safest Saw Horse

    The new Forest Master Quick Fire Saw Horse (patent pending) holds the log more securely and is safer and quicker to use than any other similarly priced log saw horse. No adjustments needed to accomodate different sized logs, the independently pivoting teeth automatically adjust to grip the log all round. The whole log can be cut without having to move it. Comes ready for use straight out of the box, no need for assembly and folds flat for storage.

    • SECURE - teeth grip all round, the log can't rotate or rock
    • FAST LOAD - simply push the log through the teeth and release
    • FAST CUTTING - make all cuts without adjusting the log
    • ENDS BACK BREAK - works with the logging cart so the logs are automatically collected

    Heavy Duty 4 Wheel Garden Logging Cart.

    The Forest Master garden and logging cart is a versatile heavy duty cart that can handle loads of up to 500 kg and is specially designed to work with Forest Master saw horses; removing any need to collect up your logs after they have been cut. Unlike other garden carts where the sides can only be vertical or removed completely, the Forest Master carts sides can also be angled outwards giving it a larger load capacity while securely retaining the load on the cart. 

    Unlike other garden carts, the Forest Master cart is fitted with casters at the front, making it easier to steer and giving it a smaller turning circle. A tow hitch is also supplied which allows it to be towed by a garden tractor or ATV. 

    Quick Fire Saw Horse Technical Specification

    • Easy rapid load
    • Quickly folds & opens for use
    • Holds logs or timber securely
    • Holds logs up to 4 metres in length
    • Log diameter of 50 - 250mm
    • Folds flat for storage
    • Height 900mm
    • Length 1100mm
    • Width 380mm
    • Weight 9.8kg

    Logging Cart Technical Specification

    • Length (excluding tow handle) 900 mm
    • Width (with vertical sides) 600 mm
    • Bed depth (vertical sides) 270 mm
    • Overall height (vertical sides) 540 mm
    • Height to bed 265 mm - maximum load 500 kg
    • Towing handle length 750 mm - Unladen weight 30 kg
    • Can be towed by hand or by a garden tractor
    • Straight, sloped, or detachable sides to adapt to your situation
    • Heavy duty, holds up to 500kg of logs
    • Multi-purpose use

    You will receive the Quick Fire Saw Horse plus the Log Cart with towing hitch.


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