Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please email us your question, send your email to

General FAQ’s

Delivery & Returns

Most of the UK Mainland is free delivery, though there is some locations, along with off shore destinations, that require a small delivery fee to be paid. These are outlined in our Delivery Cost page, the delivery fee will be applied during the order process.

Some locations we can offer an express service, the cost of this is outlined on our Delivery Cost page. When you are in the checkout placing your order, if we offer the express service to your area, you will be presented with the option to upgrade your delivery service.

We have instructed our couriers to ONLY leave items if they are signed for, either by yourself or a neighbour, though this requires someone to be present.

If you are not going to be present on the day of delivery, you can either delay the delivery by contacting us, or if it is absolutely imperative that the item is delivered that day, you can request the item/s to be left safe.

We will honour this request, though please understand, from the moment the item/s are delivered, you will then be responsible for them.

Unfortunately, once you place your order, we must send the goods to the delivery address supplied, during the checkout process. Should you wish to change the address, you will need to cancel your order, then reorder with the correct delivery address. This is a policy set by all payment handlers, e.g. PayPal, Barclays, Lloyds, etc, this is in place to help prevent fraud.

When it comes to returns, we ask that you contact us first, in most cases upgrading, or downgrading, is the best route. If upgrading, or downgrading, is not applicable in your case, we will happily provide you with a Returns Authorisation Number.

Once you have received the Return Authorisation Number, you will need to send the item back using a courier of your own choice, we recommend using courier comparison companies, such as Parcel2Go.

Once the item is returned, we will pair it with the paperwork we have, from issuing the Return Authorisation Number, and process a refund for the cost of the item.

For more information on returns, please view our Return Information page.

Please view our Delivery Information page for estimated delivery time scales.

This is an unusual case, though if this should happen to you, please reject the delivery. You are entitled to reject the item, simply ask the driver how to do this. If you can, take some photos of the damage.

Once you have rejected the item, please Contact Us so we can arrange a replacement to be sent out as quickly as possible.

In this rare situation, you need to let us know within 24 hours of delivery that something is wrong, which is why we advise checking the item as soon as it arrives. If the item is damaged then please Contact Us so we can help resolve the situation.

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Website Related

If you have accidentally added an item, or added to many, then you can easily remove them from your cart. Go to your cart

When in the cart, if you wish to delete an item, simply click the ‘X’ next to the item you wish to delete from your cart.

Alternately, if you wish to increase or decrease the quantity you would like to receive, click the ‘+’ or ‘-‘, located next to the item, you wish to change, then click ‘Update Cart’


When you order from us, you are given an option to register, you can register at this point, though it is completely optional.

We have manuals for nearly all the items we sell, the manuals can be found on our Downloads page.

Our website will automatically email a copy of the order to you, if you have not received this email, there could be a number of reasons for this:

Most email application, for computers and mobile devices, only retrieve emails on a set intervals, this will depend on your setting. If you refresh your emails then you should see the confirmation email.

Have you checked your spam or junk filters? Depending on your email settings, our emails may have been sent to your spam or junk filters, check here after you have refreshed your emails.

Was the correct email address entered? It sometimes happens, but it is possible that the wrong email address was entered. If you feel this is why you have not received the confirmation, then email us at with your delivery address details and the correct email address. Doing this will allow us to email you your tracking details and your copy of the paid invoice.

We accept PayPal, Visa Debit/Credit, Maestro and MasterCard, you can select which option you want to pay with during the checkout phase.

When paying with PayPal, via the checkout, a PayPal window will open, this allows you to log in and select your funding source.

If you have clicked the PayPal button, on the basket or cart, a PayPal window will open, this allows you to log in, select your delivery address and select your funding source, once these are selected the PayPal window will close. Our system will then collect the delivery address you have selected, this will allow our system to determine any postage costs, before you confirm the order.

When paying with a Visa Debit/Credit, Maestro or MasterCard, from any issuer, you will be taken to our selected payment gateway, you will enter the details on their secure system for the payment to be processed.

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Product Related FAQ’s

Dog Cages & Guards

This most likely means we do not have a cage for your vehicle, though if you email us with your boot space dimensions we can compare them against all our cages for you. Please send your email to

In this unusual case, we would recommend trying the following:

Put the cage into the vehicle, while the cage is flat, then assemble the cage inside the boot space. This works as the boot entrance can be narrower than the space available.

Do your rear seats move forward, like how to the front seats do? Then move them forward a notch or two, this will solve most cage fitting issues.

If these do not help you get the cage to fit, then send us an email and we can look into what options are available. Send the email to

We do not have a database of which vehicles are suited to our guards, though it is important to make sure you select the right size guard for your vehicle. The guard attaches to the headrest supports, via a metal clamping system.

To do this, please measure the length, from left to right, of your rear seats.

Once you have obtained this measurement, please compare it to the dimensions below:

For seats between 87cm and 103cm please select the Small Guard

For seats between 103cm and 130cm please select the Medium Guard

For seats over 130cm please select the Large Guard


Please note that all three of the guards are 30cm tall, though there is different height settings, these allow you to lower the guard behind the seats, in the event that you do not have 30cm of height available.

Our ‘suitable for’ cage range will have the years the cage covers, example Ford Ka 1996 – 2008 means that the cage will fit the Ford Ka manufactured and on sale between 1996 and 2008.

If the cage shows a starting year, this means that the cage should fit from that point onward to current year, for example Ford Kuga 2008 Onward

If the cage does not show any years, this typically means that the cage will fit all years of the vehicle.

Please note we work hard to ensure the information is as accurate as possible, though we still recommend comparing the dimensions, within the item description, against your particular vehicle.

Unfortunately, we are unable to comment on which breeds of dog will fit in our cages, as even within the same breed sizes vary.
Please compare the dimensions, within the item description, against your vehicle and pet/s to ensure fitting and comfort.

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Log Splitters

We stock all the spares that you will need, if you know which parts you need, please give us a call we will take your order over the phone.

If you are not sure, check our Downloads page, you will find the latest manuals for each product. Each manual contains a parts list, this will help you with ordering the parts you need.

We can perform a service or repair on log splitters, from most manufacturers, please Contact Us first as we can then book in your log splitter. If you live locally, please bring your log splitter along, we can book in the log splitter at our office for you.

Please note, that the servicing and repair of log splitters is not free, though we will discuss this with you when you Contact Us.

If you are looking for a troubleshooting guide, or just further FAQ’s, then view the Forest Master electric log splitter troubleshooter and FAQ leaflet, alternately you can view it online here.

The manufacturer recommends changing the oil after 150 hours of use. For how to change the oil, visit our Downloads page, then download the latest manual for your log splitter.

This question is not so simple to answer, as it depends on several aspects, e.g. the size of the logs, hardness, etc. Please view the Forest Master Comparison Sheet.

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Zero Hand Truck

Zero Hand Truck are constantly looking at ways to improve their products, as such their first improvement is to change the springs used. These new springs are heavier duty than the previous ones, as such they are tensioned correctly, without the need for the hand wheel screws.

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