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Honda Civic Tourer Estate Car Dog Cage Crate Pet Travel Guard

By Jane Crowther on 2015-05-21 13:01:31

Excellent, well made and sturdy dog cage for my new Civic Tourer. Fits extr...

Heavy Duty Garden Cart Logging Cart Trolley Truck Trailer

By Brian Heap on 2015-05-20 10:51:27

Good solid construction. Would suggest removing wheels to fix castor's to f...

Car Dog Cage Crate Pet Travel Guard Hatchback - 34"

By Tom Gilbert on 2015-05-17 19:50:11

The cage we purchased is a very good fit for the boot of our BMW218. We are...

Car Dog Cage - Vauxhall Meriva - 03-10

By Verity Smith on 2015-05-12 18:21:36

This custom built crate for the Vauxhall Meriva fits my 05 plate perfectly ...

Log Splitter, Saw Horse, Log Holder, Direct to You

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Whatever your requirement for a saw horse, log holder or log splitter, we have models for use both domestically and commercially. When cutting logs with a chainsaw, a saw horse is essential to hold the log securely and avoid accidents, we stock a range of saw horses from Forest Master suitable for the smallest to the largest logs. We also stock the Forest Master range of Duocut twin blade log splitters, these include both manual and electric log splitters. Their patented Duocut twin opposing blades make short work of the hardest logs and are not stopped by knots as the log is split from both ends.

Additionally we have an exclusive range of purpose designed car dog crates for hatchback and estate cars that overcome all the problems associated with using traditional dog crates in cars. Or alternatively we have a universal headrest mounted mesh dog guard that can be mounted to either the rear seat headrests or the front seat headrests.
We sell a range of saw horses and log holders for use with chainsaws, along with manual, hydraulic and electric log splitters, these include unique Forest Master Duocut twin blade log splitters. Additionally we have an exclusive range of purpose designed car dog crates for hatchback and estate cars.

Universal Dog Guard Only 39.95

Our universal car dog guard is a heavy mesh guard that mounts directly to the headrest posts. It is suitable for hatchbacks, estate cars and 4x4's. The mesh frame is made from 6mm powder coated steel and the headrest clamps are aluminium, so there are no plastic parts for the dog to chew.

Universal Mesh Guard Dog 39.95

Advantages of a fitted cage

With ordinary rectangular dog cages there is consderable wasted space in the boot and your dog genrally has little room in it's cage. In addition the square front may damage the hatchback and the cage doors can be obstructed by the boot lip. Our fitted cages, which are unique to ourselves and are a registered community design, have each been designed for a particular model of car to overcome all these problems. The rear of the cage is sloped so that it fits against the back of the seats so that no space is wasted and the room available to the dog is maximised, the front of the cage is also sloped to avoid damage to the hatchback. The cage door slides sideways to open thereby avoiding any obstruction with the boot lip and also removing the need to hold the door open for your dog.

Safety with your dog cage

It important your dog cage fits into your car properly as this will maximise space available to your dog and ensure that the cage does not move around in the car. For this reason we have a variety of designs to suit different cars. Our dog cages are safe and strong made with non toxic materials and finished in a robust silver coloured zinc plate.

Designed here in the UK

With over 25 years of experience importing products including dog cages, the team at arrows along with Pet World UK, decided to design a new completely new cage. The angled side is designed to fit into the boot of the car perfectly thereby maximising the space available to your dog.

How to train your puppy to feel comfortable in its cage

It is important your dog feels happy in its dog cage so introduce it slow by first letting it walk in and out. Put a treat in side so the dog will associate the cage with nice things and congratulate it for being so well behaved when it is inside the car dog cage.

How to make your puppy like his/her cage

Put treats inside, congratulate good behaviour and take the time to introduce longer periods inside the cage.

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ARROWS CORPORATION LIMITED is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East England. Supplier of Petrol, Electric, Hydraulic and Manual Log Splitters, Log Holders and Sawhorse, including the Forest Master Duocut and the SMART range and also log racks. We also stock the Zero Barrow self levelling wheelbarrow and water barrow plus accessories. In addition we are sole suppliers of the Pet World range of specially designed hatchback car dog crates that are designed to fit individual makes and models of cars.

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