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5 Ton Electric Log Splitter wood cutter axe

By anthony rogan on 2014-10-15 21:14:29

Ordered this log splitter after trying to get one delivered to the Isle of ...

5 Ton Duocut Electric Log Splitter With Stand

By Michael Robertshaw on 2014-10-15 18:33:33

I used to chop logs with either large axe, 6 kilo Maul or Silverline log bo...

Saw horse Log holder clamps for folding workbench

By robert henry on 2014-02-22 22:24:27

Excellent well designed product, robust enough for the toughest of jobs and...

Car Dog Cage Crate Pet Travel Guard Hatchback - 36"

By Helen Rodgers on 2012-09-21 14:29:08

After quite a long search for an appropriate cage to suit my dogs needs and...

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Log Splitter, Saw Horse, Log Holder, Direct to You

Welcome to Arrows Corporation Limited

Whatever your requirement for a saw horse, log holder or log splitter, we have models for use both domestically and commercially. When cutting logs with a chainsaw, a saw horse is essential to hold the log securely and avoid accidents, we stock a range of saw horses from Forest Master suitable for the smallest to the largest logs. We also stock the Forest Master range of Duocut twin blade log splitters, these include both manual and electric log splitters. Their patented Duocut twin opposing blades make short work of the hardest logs and are not stopped by knots as the log is split from both ends. Additionally we have an exclusive range of purpose designed car dog crates for hatchback and estate cars that overcome all the problems associated with using traditional dog crates in cars.
We sell a range of saw horses and log holders for use with chainsaws, along with manual, hydraulic and electric log splitters, these include unique Forest Master Duocut twin blade log splitters. Additionally we have an exclusive range of purpose designed car dog crates for hatchback and estate cars.

Forest Master Logging Garden Cart From £84.00

The The Forest Master logging and garden cart makes gathering and transporting your logs after you've split them simple and easy. The cart has been designed to work with various saw horses so that as the logs are cut they automatically are collected in the cart. No more bending over to pick up logs.

In addition, unlike other garden carts where the sides can only be vertical or removed, the Forest Master carts sides can be angled, giving it a larger capacity and ensuring that the load is always retained in the cart.

For more savings, see our Special Offers.

Forest Master Bulk Log Stands

The Forest Master Bulk Log Stands securely hold multiple logs for cutting with a chainsaw. The logs are automatically held in place by chains which drop over the logs. They are designed so that there is no frame directly below the chainsaw when cutting, making them safer to use than similar products. Two models are available, the Bulk Log Stand 2, £29.95 and the Bulk Log Stand 4, £39.95.

Save £5 on the BLS2 and £7 on the BLS4 when bought with the FM10T 5 ton electric Duocut log splitter.

For more savings, see our Special Offers.

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ARROWS CORPORATION LIMITED is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East England. Supplier of Petrol, Electric, Hydraulic and Manual Log Splitters, Log Holders and Sawhorse, including the Forest Master Duocut and the SMART range and also log racks. We also stock the Zero Barrow self levelling wheelbarrow and water barrow plus accessories. In addition we are sole suppliers of the Pet World range of specially designed hatchback car dog crates that are designed to fit individual makes and models of cars.