Garden Gifts For Dad – Our Top Picks

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Just like puppies, Dads aren’t just for Christmas. Whether it’s his birthday, Fathers day or Christmas – it’s hard to find the perfect present. Usually, you’d just stick to socks, chocolates and maybe a nice whiskey (if you’re feeling mad). But what if you wanted to make him feel spoilt? In fact, why not go one better and make him feel appreciated. And what better way to make a green-fingered gent feel appreciated than garden gifts for dad? Want a gift he’ll never forget? Check out our mulchers here.

Table of Contents
Garden Gifts For Dad: £0 – £50The perfect gift for a green-fingered gent on a budget
Garden Gifts For Dad: £50 – £150Want to invest a little more and make his day?
Garden Gifts For Dad: £150+Make his day, month, and year with these elite presents

So, in this blog, we’re going to run through all the top garden gifts for dad, from robotic mowers to 3-in-1 mulchers through to a nice bbq. Let’s find him the perfect gift that he’ll love from you. For the purpose of the blog, we’re giving to divide our suggestions into 3 different price brackets. £0-50, £50-150, and £150+. Likewise, we’ll give three suggestions for each price bracket, one tool, one gadget and one novelty.

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Garden Gift for Dad: £0-50 budget

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It’s the thought that counts, not the amount spent. So, when it comes to presents it’s easy to find the perfect thoughtful gift without blowing the bank. Here are our suggestions for the perfect (budget-friendly) garden gift for dad:

If your dad’s anything like my dad – he’s a softy at heart. At the time of writing this my dad’s converted an old unused rabbit hutch into a hotel for stray cats. Moreover, he leaves food out for the bird, foxes and anything else that ventures into his garden. Why am I mentioning this? Well, my first suggestion for garden gifts for dad is a hedgehog care pack. For less than 20 quid, you get a gift, give him a warm fuzzy feeling and a hedgehog a home. What’s not to love?

Click here for the hedgehog hotel

When it comes to tools, it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. But, what every man needs is a good hose – the longer the better. Chances are he’s already got one, but why not give him an upgrade. There’s a multitude of them available, so it depends on the size of his garden. But, as a good reference point you can pick up a decent 25 meter one on budget. Practical, portable and perfect as a gift – it’s got you covered.

Click here for a hose pipe

Want to bring some warmth to the festivities. Well, with an electric weed burner you can literally do just that. This bad boy a wacky weed whacking alternative that saves your back. Give him a gift you’ll all benefit from, he gets a new toy to play with and you never have to see weeds again. Perfect, right?

Click here for a electric weed burner

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Gift for Dad: £50-£150

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If you want a bit more bite for your buck, here are our suggestions for gifts that will wow without the worrying price tag to match.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll love being outdoors all year round. Even on those crisp winter mornings, there’s something poetic about sitting outside with an early morning brew. However, there’s only so long you can endure Jack Frost biting at your nose before you retreat indoors. Although, you know what would stop that? A fire pit. Even on those summer evenings when the sun puts its hat on – a fire pit will keep the party going. A fire pit is a must-have for any garden socialite and they make the perfect garden gift for dad!

Click here for a fire pit

How about a smart splitter?

Is your dad a forestry fanatic or a log burner lover? Is so, why not save his back and his time by investing in a Forest Master Smart Splitter. Safe, easy to use and ergonomic it uses a drop weight – no swinging (and missing) required. This helps prevent injury and strain to you back, neck and shoulders. It’s easy to set up, you simply need to attach the splitter to a flat woodblock or large log. This sturdy, strong and streamlined approach to log splitting would be a great garden gift for dad.

Click here for a smart splitter

Want to bring the outdoors in? Me too. In my opinion, nothing beats the smell of fresh herbs growing in the kitchen. But, keeping your herbs healthy can be a hazardous hurdle to jump. The lack of sunlight can easily reduce brazen basil to withered wasabi. How do you combat that? Well, the indoor smart garden has got all the answers. Simply plant one of the plant pods, top up with water and the smart system does the rest. Grow anything and everything with this system! Once they’ve reached the required height, simply transfer them outdoors

Click here for the indoor smart garden.

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Garden Gifts For Dad: £150+ budget

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If you’ve got an all-out budget, you’ll want an all-out product. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of our suggestions for garden gifts for dad £150+:

There’s something about a bbq that every man loves. They make the ultimate party starter, nice weather out today – bbq. Oh, we’re supposed to be throwing a party – bbq. Want to mix it up and have dinner outside – bbq. Basically, no one’s ever said no to a bbq. So, whether he’s not got one, or needs an upgrade – a bbq is a great gift (how many times can I say bbq in one paragraph). But, Arrows – I hear you cry – we’ve just got one. Well then, how about a pizza oven? That way you’ll have garden parties that would make Adam & Eve jealous.

Click here for the bbq

Want the ultimate present?

Shouldn’t the ultimate gadget double up as the ultimate tool, we think so too. If you’re wanting to wow him too then how about a robotic mower? Easy to use and cool as can be this is the must-have gift for any green-fingered gent. Take the Bosch robotic mower, for instance, it’s all controlled via an app. It’s designed for even the tightest of spaces and utilises smart mower technology to avoid bad weather. It cuts your lawn, your time spent doing it and the labour involved down meaning you can focus on what matters.

Click for a robotic lawnmower

As previously mentioned, any ultimate tool should do the ultimate job. Likewise, it should be multipurpose. And we have the ultimate multipurpose tool for you, the 3-in-1 Forest Master shredder, chipper and mulcher does it all. Streamline your composting needs with this all in one solution. Need to chip wood – done. Want to shred cardboard – yep. Can it shred veg and green matter for mulch – easy. This tool is the ultimate jewel in any crown and will streamline your compost processes. When it comes to garden gifts for dad we can’t think of anything better.

Click here for the 3-in-1 Mulcher, Chipper, Shredder

Got any questions?

Did you agree with our list of the best garden gifts for dad? Better yet, did you find something you liked? Let us know! Do you think we missed something out – comment below! Want to read more? Check out our blog hiring guide here.

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