Log Splitters in Action: Our Top Videos

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Here at Arrows-UK, the only thing we love more than dog cages is Forestry equipment. Everything from log splitters to wood chippers and back to sawhorses – we do (and love) it all. So, in this blog, I’m going to show you some of my favourite log splitters in action. Read on for my top picks and why I chose them, and if you don’t believe me – see them for yourself! Oh, and if you want to skip to the good bit; see our full range of log splitters here.

Table of contents:
Log Splitters In Action: FM10A strong robust machine, you can’t go wrong
Log Splitters In Action: FM16Top-tier machine that’s the best on the market
Log Splitters In Action: Kinetic Log SplitterNo machine can outpace this one

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve got a fairly extensive range of log splitters here at Arrows-UK. Today I’m going to be showing our premium log splitters in action. But we do have some good entry-level machines such as the lightweight FM5 log splitter. It’s speedy (9-second cycle time speedy), strong and sturdy – it’s worth considering. The splitters we’re going to discuss today are:

Log Splitters in Action: FM10

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New forest master FM10TW
Forest Master’s 7-Ton Beast of a Splitter

Forest Master’s FM10 is a real beast of a machine. In case it wasn’t clear, with features such as a DuoCut blade & a Ram Stop – it eats through hardwood. It’s designed to futureproof you and your needs. After all, if you’re going to invest in a splitter – why not get one that does the job?

Speaking of doing the job, what if I could also make kindling? See it below:

How to Split Kindling with your Log Splitter
Here’s the FM10 making kindling

Now that you’ve seen it in action, here are the key features:

  • Available in 5-ton & 7-ton
  • Fitted with a DuoCut blade and a Ram Stop
  • Prefilled with hydraulic fluid – it’s ready when you are
  • 100 logs per hour
  • upgradable to working height with a stand and lockable casters.


All in all, If you’re looking for a sturdy machine that won’t break the bank and will do the job – this one is for you.

Log Splitters In Action: FM16

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FM16TW forest master
FM16TW Forest Master – our flagship machine

Moreover, if you’re looking for a better investment the FM16 is the machine for you. With all the same features you’d expect from the FM10, but a massive 400mm diameter and 460mm in length – it’s our best splitter. Likewise, with unbelievable 2-speed functionality – it’s got your back. Why? Well, if you’re splitting hardwood, lower the speed and increase the pressure. Softwood? Increase the speed and lower the pressure.

Key Features of the FM16:

  • Available in an 8-ton model
  • 400mm diameter, 460mm length
  • 2-speed functionality
  • DuoCut blade & Ram Stop
  • 12-second cycle time
  • 3-year warranty


If you’re looking at investing in a log splitter, why not invest a bit more and get the best? A machine for today, tomorrow, and many more to come.

Log Splitter In Action: Kinetic Log Splitter

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Rapid Fire Electric Kinetic Log Splitter - Fast Fire 6 Ton Splitting
With a 3-second cycle time, it’ll split logs quicker than you can load it

You’ve got to see kinetic log splitters in action to believe them. In fact, with a 3-second cycle time, you won’t believe your eyes. Our kinetic log splitter utilizes a flywheel technology to build up energy then split the log into a single burst of power. Consequently, it’s fast, powerful, and safe – it’s the perfect splitter. Watch it above and see why we love it.

Key features of the Kinetic Log Splitter:

  • 6 ton & 8-ton machines available
  • electric and petrol models
  • 3-second cycle time
  • utilises cutting-edge kinetic technology


A cutting-edge machine utilizing kinetic technology to produce an unmatched 3-second cycle time. You need to see the log splitter in action to believe it.


We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing Forest Master log splitters in action, did you find the perfect splitter? Let us know below! Better yet, follow us on social media for all the latest deals with Arrows-UK. Whether it’s log splitters or dog cages – we’ve got you covered.

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