What is the best Garden Mulcher on the market?

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So, you’re a confident gardener who’s looking for ways to expand their knowledge? Do you want the best return possible from your plants? Of course, you do, I would too. You know what you need, mulch – and lots of it! What’s the best way of getting lots of it? Making your own! Now, when it comes to garden mulchers, shredders and chippers there’s a lot on the market so it’s hard to know what to choose. But here at Arrows-UK, we know a thing or two about garden mulchers. How? Well, we believe we sell the best one on the market. Meet the Forest Master 3-in-1 Garden Mulcher, shredder and chipper. (click here to see our Forest Master mulchers)

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Make Compost Out Of Almost Everything!Cardboard, Plant Trimmings & Wood Chipping
Why Choose Between a Chipper and a Mulcher?Why either/or when you can have both?
What Makes This Mulcher Market-Leading?Find out why you need this piece of kit!

Why choose one when you can have it all? Choosing between a mulcher and a chipper is a thing of the past with this beauty. Make your own “black gold” quickly and effortlessly with this all-in-one solution. Powerful, robust and compact are the best words to describe this market-leading brand new Garden Mulcher.

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Make compost out of almost anything

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Make compost out of almost anything with this beast. Perfect for making compost out of your garden shreddings, paper, cardboard, plants, leaves and any other garden waste – it’s your compost bins best friend! Moreover, it doesn’t matter if it’s bone dry or soaking wet this machine can do it all. Anything you can throw at it, Forest Master already have – this machine’s got your back.

What makes this garden mulcher market-leading? Well, it’s the first of its kind. No other machine can chip your wood and then shred your celery – this one can. Its design enables the ultimate compost possible, but at Forest Master, we understand the importance of “black gold”. Other machines fail in comparison when handling wet loads of ivy or grass – not Forest Masters.

Why choose between a chipper and a mulcher?

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Why choose between a chipper and a mulcher when you don’t have to? This beauty produces chips up to 10mm – perfect for composting. Likewise, if you’re shredding wet matter and it sticks to the chute, simply hose it down. No frantic faff or strenuous stress – just water and a hose.

The best part about this machine is the rotating drum – no other machine offers this flexibility. The drum can completely rotate allowing you to tailor your shredding to fit the load. You can adjust the angle of the drum to quicken up the speed with which it mulches. Mulching a hard material? Angle it vertically to process the material through the drum, this creates a finer mulch. The easier it is to mulch, the less steep you angle the machine which increases the mulching speed. This helps prevent the machine from stalling while allowing you to dictate how much material is processed and when.

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What makes this garden mulcher market leading?

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What makes this machine market-leading? Well, gone are the days where you have individual chippers, shredders and mulchers taking up room in the shed. This all-in-one powerful, compact and robust machine does it all. Moreover, the garden mulcher is made up of sturdy steel – competitors are made of plastic. This steel design enables it to be robust and powerful in a way that plastic can only dream of. Why replace broken plastic machines or belt-driven technology with this machine – buy it once – lasts a lifetime.

Better yet, Forest Master offers both electric and petrol models so the choice is yours! Prefer a little more bite with no cables – go petrol. Prefer something a bit quieter with less use – go electric. The choice is yours! If you’re still considering hiring – click here to find out more. Moreover, if you want a definitive guide to help you choose – click here.

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