Wood Chipper Hire – How & Where to rent?

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Before we get to the should, we need to consider how wood chipper hire works. There’s a multitude of companies that offer several different services, so you can tailor your experience to your need.

Table of Contents:
Should You Rent A Wood ChipperRenting or Buying, it’s an age old question
Have you Met Forest Master’s Wood ChipperHave you considered a Forest Master chipper?
What is the best wood chipper on the market?There’s a lot of chippers on the market, find out which one we think is best

A quick google search finds a long list of national hire companies offering anything from same-day, weekly and monthly services. With over 2000 tools available at some 200 branches – it sounds great right? Wrong.

Ever heard of the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” – the same applies here! How? Well, if they’re providing 2000 different tools it would be impossible for a small team to know how to fix every individual one. So, if you have any problems, and the team doesn’t know how to fix them, a whole day of work could be lost.

Moreover, you’ve got to pick up and drop off the machine within an allotted time. Or, you will have to pay them to do it for you. Either way, you’re losing valuable time and money with a wood chipper hire.

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Should you rent a wood chipper?

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Picture the scene, you’ve gotten a fallen tree and a pile of wood to match. You want to spend your weekend chipping away at the pile but you’re at the mercy of your local wood chipper hire firm. Your morning is spent driving to collect it, and by the time you get it home and set up – we’re in the early afternoon. You get half the load done before you must pack it up to return it. Or you’ve paid for a two-day hire. Either option is far from ideal.

Think, we’re not only talking monetary value. But there’s the stress of keeping to timing deadlines and we haven’t even touched the condition of the machine.

Speaking of the condition, it’s not only the worry of returning it. But you have no control over the one you receive. You could be the 4th job of the week, and while you treat it as your own, how can you assure that others would do the same.

Moreover, with wood chipper hire, what if it breaks down and the technician doesn’t know how to repair it? Sure, you may get refunded for a day monetarily – but what value do you place on time?

A worry with buying your own is the initial capital, it can be a costly exercise. But, hiring adds up. Based on a local search in Sunderland, UK the cost of hiring a chipper is around £81 per weekend. Great right? But if you hire it for three weekends over the year – we’re talking £243! We’re not even getting into the condition of the machine, timings to collect and return and any stress associated.

Have you met Forest Masters chipper?

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So, by the time you’ve rented a wood chipper 3 times – you could’ve purchased your own! Portable, precise and powerful are three words that come to mind when I think of Forest Master’s FM4DD. Why worry about wood chipper hire when you could buy your own?

fitted with a 4 horsepower, 2800 watt motor that produces an astounding 2800 rpm. It’s compact, lightweight, and easy to move.

Proving that size doesn’t always matter, this beauty can handle up to 50mm of both hard and softwood. Moreover, it has a twin reverse blade so when one side becomes worn – switch it over.

All of this and so much more for only £344.99. Flexibility and peace of mind that money can’t buy!

Need some inspiration with what to do with your chipper? How about making your own mulch?

Did your chipper happy weekend leave you with a mountain of homeless wood chips? Need some inspiration with what to do with them? Check out our blog all about uses for your wood chips

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What is the best wood chipper on the market?

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Here at Arrows-UK, we’re often asked, What is the best wood chipper on the market? For us, the answer is simple – there’s one brand for the job – Forest Master. Designed with you in mind they’re compact, robust and perfect for both domestic and commercial use. So, let’s run through why this market-leading brand has the perfect chipper for you (see their range here).

Proclaiming to be the best on the market, the FM6DD Wood Chipper Garden Shredder has a lot of competition. With stiff competition from the likes of Bosch & T-Mech, does it stack up? In short (and our opinion), yes.

The wood chipper, as a concept, is very simple. Their origins relate back to Germany in 1884 by Peter Jensen. Since then, they have stayed largely the same with disc and drum mechanisms being most common.

Your wood chipper is very simple, right? How hard could it be to chew up branches or shrubbery? Well, the first thing to consider is whether you want an electric or petrol-powered machine. Moreover, as you can imagine, the more powerful the engine – the better the chips. But, these little compact beauties from Forest Master are ingeniously designed. Brains and beauty – they’re seriously impressive machines.

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